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Introductions of Devices for K-2, English Version

Introductions of Devices for K-2, Spanish Version

Beginning April 14, FCPS students will have unlimited access to online tutoring support services through at no cost to families. Student participation is optional, and parents/guardians can opt their student(s) out of accessing the services. Detailed information and FAQs are available on the Online Tutoring Services website.

Students will be able to access via a link in Schoology.  Additional information about how to log in and access a tutor is provided to families via the following instructional videos: 

Visit our FCPS site for more information on how to access and how it works.

Questions not answered in the posted resources may be sent to @email.

For Students: 

Please Note: These links will take you to websites that are not maintained by FCPS or Beech Tree ES.  Most times students will log in with their account but there are some applications that require a different account and password. For that login information please see below.

Click on the icons to link to the application.

Login Information for Student Web Resource accounts (above).

Log In Information: 

For most apps: 

username: student id#

password:  Same as at school.  If your child does not know his or her Username and Password, you can reset it here

For google apps for education (drive, classroom)

username: student

password: Same as at school/ see above.


Username: fcps

Password: fcps



Username: fairfax

Password: fairfax

Google Apps:

Username: student ID#

Password: FCPS Network student created         

schoology log in


Username: student ID#

Password: FCPS Network student created


Student School: Beech Tree ES or Bucknell ES

Password:  FCPS Network student created

WIXIE: log though Clever portal

Username: Student ID#

Password:  FCPS Network student created


  1. Have child log into: Blackboard 24/7

  2. Select eCart tab

  3. Go to ES Digital Resources

  4. Click on the link for ORIGO Slate Fundamentals

  5. Click on the slate button

  6. Click on the start button and select Titles

  7. Select the game you are searching by clicking on the name of the game.




Logging onto a school issued computer

Logging into student google workplace account: gdrive and gmail

How to log into student’s Google Workplace account: Drive and Gmail


Visit FCPS Google Workplace website for more information.


Visit FCPS logging into Google Workplace website for instructions and contact help if needed.


Open Chrome

Log into student’s Google Workplace account at


Or goto and click on Google Workplace



Enter student email

Email is student ID



Enter student’s FCPS Password

Navigating Google Drive

navigating google drive



Navigating student Gmail

This video shows students and parents how to navigate student Gmail with some changes to the setting for easier viewing and organizing BBCU links.

Student Schoology Resources

Overview of Students Schoology Accounts Find instructions to log into, use the calendar, discussions, assignments, and much more.

Student logging onto Schoology

How to Join a schoology course

Visit this site and follow directions on how to join a course.  Students should be pre enrolled in their classroom course.

Schoology Student Help Page

Visit this site    to find a wealth of information for students using Schoology.

How to split your computer screen between 2 windows.

Follow these instructions to be able to split your computer screen between 2 chrome tabs or windows.  Watch this video on how to.

Stream In/ Check In Instructions

To help facilitate a smooth transition to Live Streaming for when students are out of the classroom, please follow these instructions.  Students should follow these steps.

Log into Students Google Account

Find instructions here.

Log Into Schoology.

Your teacher should communicate when the time to join for Math and Language Arts focus lessons.

Find instructions here.

Log into Zoom from Schoology

Find instructions here.

Can’t make the live session and want to watch the recordings?  

Find instructions here.


Students do not need to turn on their microphone or video.

How students log into Zoom (Stream In)

Students log into Zoom through their Schoology course: HowStudentsJoinZoomMeetingSchoology1.pdf


How Students join a Zoom Meeting in Schoology How students can join a Zoom meeting within Schoology

Step 1 - Sign in to Chrome with your account  (if you are not already signed in)

Open the Chrome Browser  on your computer

Go to and  click on the G Suite link

Enter your student ID  

number and click Next 


[email protected]


Last Updated: 4/22/2021 

Enter your password and  click Next

Step 2 - Sign in to Schoology

Go to and  enter your FCPS username  and password.  

Your username is your  student ID number.

Click Sign in.



Select the Course where  you would like to access a  Zoom meeting.

In the left navigation bar of  the course, click Zoom.

Find the meeting that you’d  like to join under  

Upcoming Meetings and  click Join.

Click Keep if you receive  the message “This type of  file can harm your  

computer. Do you want to  keep zoom...exe anyway?” 



Click on Zoom...exe and it  will install.

Once the install is  

complete, click Launch  Meeting.

If this window pops up,  click Open Zoom  




If you see either of these  windows, you will have to  wait for the teacher to  admit you to the meeting





How to access Stream In Recordings through Zoom

Follow these instructions to access zoom recordings: Zoom%20%20accessing%20recordings.pdf


Zoom access recordings


Log into your Schoology course at

Navigate to your course.

Click on the Zoom button in the left menu.

If asked to approve then click Approve


Click on the Cloud Recordings

Look for the date you need to watch and click the link.



Destiny Discover Book Database

Link here to search for books in the database.  Login with your student ID# and password.

Log in with Fairfax network credentials.

For Parents: 

Parent View account.

Parents can begin to prepare by ensuring they have a Student Information System (SIS) Parent Account and are able to login to Schoology: Parent View. If you do not have a Student Information System (SIS) Parent account, please click here to register for an account. An activation key will be sent to you to complete your registration, along with the simple steps to set up your account. Your username and password for the Student Information System(SIS) and FCPS 24/7 Learning: Parent View will be the same.

If you forgot or need to change your password this site will help you manage those request.

Video Instructions in Spanish

Students & Parents Logging into FCPS Google Workspace for Education

Many teachers use Google Suite of educational applications in class.  Students, with or without the help of parents, need to know how to log into their google accounts to access their Google Classrooms, Gmail, Storage Drives and other applications used in class.

Click to log into your student google account. 

Student Username:  (Don't know your child's student id, no worries log into ParentView, if you have one, or email your teacher.)

Student Password: Same as logging into computers at school. (Forgot password, no worries email your teacher or see instructions above if your child has forgotten.) 

Please find more information about what G Suite is, how to log on, applications available, and privacy and safety concerns HERE.

Instructional Videos: English or Spanish or  Arabic or Vietnamese

Instructions in English: 


Instructions in Spanish:


Instructions in Vietnamese:


Help finding BBCU links in student's Gmail account.  Video showing how to.

FCPS' Technology Support for Families

Visit this FCPS website to find out how to help your student log into their different accounts.  Learn to navigate Zoom and access through Schoology. Read this tech tips for success document: TechTips%20for%20Families_FINAL.pdf

FCPS' Help Youtube Channel - County created videos for many common technical issues & problems.

FCPS has developed videos to help students and parents with common technology issues.  From computer microphone, video issues to logging into BBCU and Google Classroom.  

iReady Help

Here are some actions to complete before starting the iReady Exam

Close all open applications/ programs.

Log out of any web-based applications being used and close the tab.

Close all browser windows

Close all browsers

Use Chrome for iReady

Access iReady at

If these don't work try clearing Chrome's cache data.  You can do this while in a chrome window pressing at the same time CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE and choosing ALL TIME.  Students will have to reenter all passwords for sites.




How to log onto your school issued computer.

How to log into student’s Gmail to access Google Meet link

How to log into student’s Gmail to access Google Meet link


Open Chrome

Log into student’s Gmail account at


Or goto and click on Google Workplace  →



Enter student email

Email, this is

student ID



Enter student’s FCPS Password

Navigate through your students email to find the google meet link sent from your teacher.  Open email and click on link.

When asked, you will need to allow the computer to use the camera and microphone.



Logging into student gmail account

These instructions will show students, with or without the assistance of parents, how to access students gmail accounts.  For Distance Learning students will need to access their gmail account to see the link to their face to face virtual classroom link.  Please save this email and / or link.  This link will be used every time a student needs to attend the face to face virtual classrooms. See your teacher's BB course or Google Classroom for times and days to attend. Please email the students teacher if you need help with student id numbers and / or passwords.

Please find more information about what G Suite is, how to log on, applications available, and privacy and safety concerns HERE.

Instructional Video: Video with Spanish subtitles

Instructions in English:

Instructions in Spanish:

Instructions in Vietnamese:

Parents Schoology Resources

Logging into Clever through Schoology

Parent Schoology Help Page

Visit this site to get some tutorials on Schoology for parents use.

Primary Computer Basics

This file contains information for primary students and parents to help with logging into computers and student accounts: Primary_ Computer basics.pdf

Mifi Wifi Device Check Out

Parents, if you do not have internet service at home, you may request a MiFi device for your student to use only for educational use. The MiFi will allow your child to connect their FCPS laptop/ iPad to the internet for learning.  Mifi devices are for educational purposes only and are monitored by FCPS Cyber division for usage and sites visited. 

Only students without any internet access are eligible for MiFi’s. MiFi’s should not be requested for supplementary access, in-home convenience access, or travel convenience access. 

To request a MiFi device please fill out this Google Form.  By requesting a MiFi device parents and students are promising to follow the Acceptable Use Policy in the back of the Student Rights and Responsibilities as well as the below document.    If parents do not want to fill our the Google Form above they have the option to fill in the pdf form below.  Then they can print and return to teacher or email it to [email protected].

Copy of Student MiFi Check Out Program-AmharicFILLABLE.pdf

Copy of Student Mifi Check Out Program-ChineseFILLABLE.pdf

Copy of Student Mifi Check Out Program-EnglishFILLABLE_0.pdf

Copy of Student MiFi Check Out Program-FarsiFILLABLE.pdf

Copy of Student MiFi Check Out Program-KoreanFILLABLE.pdf

Copy of Student MiFi Check Out Program-SpanishFILLABLE.pdf

Copy of Student MiFi Check Out Program-UrduFILLABLE.pdf

Copy of Student MiIFi Check Out Program-ArabicFILLABLE.pdf


iReady Parent Information and Login Instructions.

Digital Citizenship

Day Parents:  Check out Common Sense Media for more resources and help to navigate your child's digital world.
Monday Online Relationships Conversation Starter (Also in Spanish)Help your kids be kind and respectful when online.

We the Digital Citizens Family Activity 

(Also in Spanish)

Tuesday's Lesson song a song about Digital Citizen



Internet Safety Conversation Starter 

(Also in Spanish)

Wednesday -staying safe online



Media Balance Conversation Starter 

(Also in Spanish)

Thursday Saying goodbye is hard



Tips by Text 

(Also in Spanish)  

Tips by Text



iPads at Home: connect to Wi-Fi, Clever, Schoology

How to connect a FCPS computer to a home wi-fi network.

Student and Parent Password Help

If your child forgot or needs to change a student password call the BTES office at 703-531-2600

New Parent Technology Help Desk

Parent Technology Help Desk can be reached at 833-921-3277 (833-921-FCPS) between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., seven days a week.

Parent and Student IT Support Portal

If you need help or are having issues with your laptop please complete this form.