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FCPS Needed Parent Accounts

Hello Parent’s


Here is a list of accounts you need to sign up for and/ or be able to sign into.  If you need any help please email Mr. Meyer the School Based Technology Specialist at [email protected].

Parents of Kindergarteners will receive a letter from FCPS with an activation code.  If parents have never activated their accounts or lost their letter they will need to contact Mrs. Do the SIA ([email protected]) or Mr. Meyer the SBTS ([email protected]).  Most accounts have the same log in as the SIS Parent Vue.


FCPS ACCOUNTGeneral InformationQR Code
MUST DOThese are items you will want to sign up for. 
Beech Tree ES Website

Please check BTES’ website for announcements, events, and resources for students and parents.


Student Information System - SIS Parent Vue Account Registration


Students/ Parents new to FCPS will need to activate their Student Information System (SIS) Parent Account .

Parent Technology Consent Form

Parents please take the time to complete this parent consent form.  This link will take you to information on what, how and why we need your consent for the listed educational technology tools.  We need all parents to complete for every student.






Fairfax County Public Schools is committed to ensuring that the climate in all FCPS facilities is safe and secure. In support of this goal, FCPS provides weCare@school (weCare), an emergency care information system, available to FCPS parents and guardians who have registered for their own Parent account.  Contact information provided automatically enrolls parents to receive eNotify communications from the district and their child’s school. eNotify is the communications tool for FCPS emergency, attendance, and essential outreach messages. Messages are sent via e-mail, telephone, and SMS.

FCPS News You Choose

Sign up to receive weekly emails about upcoming events,


Online payment for student fees and school store items are available through the MySchoolBucks School Store. This online payment service provides a quick and easy way to pay for school-related purchases. You will be able to pay for a variety of school fees using credit/debit cards or electronic checks.

Can DOLinks that you may need during the year. 
Student Information System (SIS) for FCPS : Parent Vue

The Student Information System (SIS) supports all aspects of a student’s educational experience and includes demographic data and information related to scheduling, attendance, discipline, health, grades, test results, and academic programs.  This link is for parents that have already activated their account.

FCPS Parent Forgot Password

SIS Parent Account FCPS Account forgotten password.



Schoology: Parent Account


Schoology provides parents access to available courses the student is enrolled in.

Here Comes the Bus App

Know when your bus is approaching your stop!  Here Comes the Bus® app is a school bus tracking app that can simplify morning and afternoon routines for parents and students by giving them real-time bus location and text or email notification alerts, helping them get to the bus stop on time.

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School Supply List

Beech Tree Elementary School's Family Liaison

Visit our family liaison page.

Parent Resource Center (PRC)

Parenting in the Digital Age Webinars

TechKnow Newsletter

Parents,  Every few months Mr. Meyer, our School Based Technology Specialist, will post a newsletter with information that is intended to help parents navigate their child's world with technology.

October 2023


Parent’s TechKnow Newsletter

October 2023

FCPSOn is a transformation of learning for students and educators. At its core, it provides students with equitable access to meaningful learning experiences and technology to support their learning.  All students by default received  a device (laptop or iPad).  Please make sure you and your child are knowledgeable with the Responsible Guidelines for borrowing a device.  

Student Information System - SIS ParentVUE Account Overview

Provides online access to information about your child’s attendance, class performance, demographic data and course materials.  Needed for updating parent and student information.  Especially needed in middle and high school to monitor grades and assignments in Schoology and SIS.

Parents have the ability to translate any Fairfax County Public School website into a language they are most comfortable with.

FCPS is committed to keeping our students safe while using the internet on FCPS provided devices.  Read more about how we meet the Children’s Internet Protection Act through our Internet Content Filtering.

Get information about your child’s internet activity on their FCPS laptop by signing up for the Lightspeed Parent Report.  Register using the information under The Request Process.  

Parents are also able to check their child’s Chrome browser history from any device as long as they are logged into their child’s account. is a great resource for parents to learn about appropriate technology for their children.  A wealth of information on movies, games, apps, as well as parents tips for cell phones and screen time can be found.  

Have you completed your child’s Parent Consent for Digital Resources?  If you haven’t, please take the time to complete this on our website

November 2023






Parent’s TechKnow Newsletter

November 2023

Hello Beech Tree Parents,   I hope you  all enjoy your Thanksgiving Break and find time to reconnect with family.  


As always feel free to contact me if you have questions or need help navigating our FCPS digital environment.

Thank you, Mr. Meyer (@email)


Check out our Parents/ Guardians Schoology Course.  Use your ParentVue login to access


Student’s Access Performance Matters Assessments.

Students can find their assessment scores in the student portal by logging into Performance Matters through Schoology, 

click on Go to Student Portal, 

click on Common Tet Results

iReady Reports in SIS ParentVue (ES)

At this time, the ParentVUE Documents section has been updated with centrally published score reports for iReady assessments. 

Our 4th and 5th grade teachers are posting exam/ test dates as calendar events for students and parents to see.  Parents can access Schoology using their ParentView Login information.  Using the drop down menu in the upper right corner they can access their child’s account to see due dates for upcoming exams/ testing.

Student Information System (SIS) - ParentView Account provides online access to information about your child’s attendance, class performance (middle and high school only for current grades), demographic data and course materials.  Please visit this website to learn more, watch videos in multiple languages on how to navigate and learn the difference between SIS Parent View and Schoology.

Beech Tree Elementary is working toward  becoming recognized as a Common Sense School that fosters good  Digital Citizenship in our students and staff.  Part of this requirement is to share Resources for Family Engagement offered through   Common Sense Media.  Here are some helpful tips for families to discuss with their children.



Grades PreK–2 Family Tips

Children Age 0–2

  • Managing TV Shows, Videos, and Apps with Young Kids  EnglishSpanish

Children Age 3–8

  • Help Your Family Use TV, Phones, and Tablets in Healthy Ways  EnglishSpanish

 Grades K–5 Family Tips

Media Balance & Well-Being  English  |  Spanish  |  More Languages

Privacy & Security  English  |  Spanish  |  More Languages 

Digital Footprint & Identity  English  |  Spanish  |  More Languages

Relationships & Communication  English  |  Spanish  |  More Languages 

Cyberbullying, Digital Drama, & Hate Speech  English  |  Spanish  |  More Languages 

News & Media Literacy  English  |  Spanish  |  More Languages

Thank you to those parents that have already agreed to parent consent for digital resources.  If you haven’t, please take the time to complete this on the FCPS website. 




Thank you for your support.

Mr. Meyer

School Based Technology Specialist

Beech Tree Elementary School

 Please contact me if you have any questions: [email protected]




Finding Balance with Media and Tech Use at Home - 4/23 PTA meeting

Here are the slides used during the PTA presentation on 4/17/23:  Beech Tree ES Finding Balance with Media and Tech Use at Home_0.pdf

Talking Points Instructions

Hello Beech Tree Families, 


Your teachers will be using Talking Points to communicate with you this school year.  This is an amazing tool that will deliver their message in your chosen language.  You will be able to communicate directly with them as well. Please read the instructions below to understand how it works.  Parents can either get text messages or download the Talking Points app.  


Parents will register using their cell phone number that is on file in their ParentVUE account.  Please make sure the cell number you are using matches the number that you have in your ParentVUE account.  Let me stress that the cell phone number you type into the Talking Points app must be the same number that is in your ParentVUE account.  


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at @email.


Enjoy your day, 

Mr. Meyer 

Beech Tree ES - SBTS


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