Family Liaison

Our Beech Tree Family Liaison serves as a link between our families and our school. They facilitates family-school communication, which empowers families to become more active partners in their children’s education.

Our liaison works in our school and community to help families get the information and assistance they need to support their children at home and to ensure their academic success. Our liaison represents a variety of cultures, languages, and races and is one component in our school’s effort to enhance family involvement.

How Do Family Liaisons Help Parents?

Family liaisons provide services such as the following to assist you and your child:

  • Give school tours to new families.
  • Explain school policies, practices, and programs.
  • Provide information about school goals, resources, and activities.
  • Attend conferences and school meetings with you to clarify procedures and processes.
  • Arrange meetings between your family and school staff members.
  • Encourage open communication between you and school personnel.
  • Make interpreters or translators available at school meetings.
  • Offer suggestions about how you can become involved in your child's education and your school community.
  • Help you connect with special help or services your child may need.
  • Share community resources that provide a variety of support for your child and family.