Fifth Grade Supplies List

Beech Tree Elementary School
Fifth Grade Supplies List


Print List

  • (6) 2-pocket folders (made of durable plastic)
  • (6) 1-subject notebooks (100 pages, wide ruled) - do NOT get 3- or 5-subject notebooks
  • (1) 1.5” binder with 3 rings
  • (1) pencil case (plastic box or zippered cloth)
  • (24) #2 pre-sharpened wooden pencils
  • (12) glue sticks
  • (1) box colored pencils (12- or 24-pack)
  • (1) box of crayons (24-pack) AND/OR (1) box of washable markers (10-pack)
  • (1) pair of student scissors (must be able to fit into pencil case)
  • (1) package dry erase markers (4-count, black or multicolor)
  • (1) backpack (no wheels)
  • (1) set of durable headphones or earbuds to use with computers, no bluetooth
  • (1) container of disinfectant wipes
  • (1) box of tissues

**If your child does not have their multiplication facts memorized, they will need multiplication
flashcards for at-home study during the summer. They can be purchased from Target, Dollar
Tree, or Amazon.
**Please DO NOT buy Trapper Keepers, zip-around binders, or anything similar. They take up
too much space in students’ desks.