Fifth Grade Supplies List

Fifth grade supply list


(2)   2-pocket folders (durable-get a PLASTIC ones if possible)

(5)  1-subject spiral notebooks

(1)  1.5” binder with 3 rings

(1)  pencil case labeled with student name

(2)  packages of #2 pre-sharpened pencils

(6)  glue sticks

(1)  box of colored pencils

(1)  package of washable markers OR (1) box of crayons

(1)  pair of student scissors (must be able to fit into pencil case)

(1)  package of THIN dry erase markers

(2)  boxes of tissues

(1)  backpack (NO wheels) (labeled with student name)

(1)  package of regular size post-it notes

(1)  headphone set or ear-buds to use with laptop

(1 or 2) containers disinfectant wipes


**If your child does not have their multiplication facts memorized then they will need multiplication flash cards, you can make them or purchase them, they can be found Target, Dollar Tree and on Amazon.

**Please do NOT buy any Trapper Keepers, zip around binders or anything similar. They take up too much room in the students’ desk.

**Most supplies will be used as group supplies (pencils, glue sticks, dry erase markers).  If your child gets any specific supplies they want to keep as personal ones (i.e. mechanical pencils), please ensure to label it as a personal supply.


Fifth Grade supply list – AAP Class


(1) 2-pocket folder (durable)

(6) 1-subject notebooks

(1) composition notebook

(1) 3-ring binder (1” size)

(1) package of binder tabs

(2) packages of #2 pencils

(6) glue sticks

(1) pair of scissors

(2) packages of Index cards

(1) package of Post-It notes (“sticky notes”)

(1) package of dry-erase markers

(1) box of colored pencils OR 1 box of 24 crayons OR package of markers

(1) package of loose-leaf lined paper

(2) containers of Clorox wipes

(1) box of tissues (for class sharing)

(1) roll of paper towel

Soft pencil case with zipper

(1) headphone set to use with laptop (inexpensive)

Multiplication Flash Cards