Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Cleer

Ms Cleer is our new Enhanced Autism Teacher

By Mike Meyer
February 17, 2022

We welcome Ms Cleer to the Beech Tree Family.  This is her first year at BTES, arriving at the beginning of the year from Texas.  She is working with our wonderful 2nd and 3rd grade enhanced autistic students.  She is loving the help and support of the enhanced autism team.  Growing up in San Antonio, she attended Olympia Elementary.  She has an older and younger sister.  She moved to DC with her boy friend.  They have been dating since high school.  Ms Cleer has a Dachshund Wiener dog named Walter.  Her hobbies are hanging with her dog and friends and also loves to watch TV.  Her favorite quote is "Be the change you wish to see".  


Beech Tree is happy to have you and thanks you for all the great things you are doing with and for your students.