Meet Mrs. Gleason

Special Education Teacher

By Mike Meyer
April 06, 2021

Today we meet Emily Gleason, BTES’ Enhanced Autism/ CAT B special education teacher.  A FCPS teacher of 7 years, she has spent the last 4 years here at BTES.  Beside teaching she is the local screening educational evaluator and the lead special education teacher.  Two things she loves about working at BTES is working with the staff and the love she feels in the BTES community.  The support she experiences from the administration and other teachers is one reason she continues to work at BTES.  

A native of Vienna, VA she attended Freedom Hill Elementary.  What she liked most about elementary school is being young and carefree.  I think we can all agree with this!  Her family was an important factor of why she is a teacher.  With her mother being a teacher and having taught in FCPS for 30 + years, she was the first person to expose her to working with families and students of other populations.  Her father was in sales for 40+ years so that influenced her gift to gab.  Her brother is on the spectrum and seeing him go through his education was the exact reason she decided to pursue a career in Special Education.  

Recently married she is starting her family with hopefully adopting a dog if her husband agrees.  Come on George, a dog is a great start to other wonderful things!  Her hobby is running and has a goal of running 50 races before she turns 50.  Emily was awarded the 2020 - 2021 Outstanding Teacher Award for Beech Tree Elementary School and the Justice Pyramid.  Which proves that Emily Gleason is a great benefit for BTES’s students, staff and community.  Congratulations and thank you for all you do!