Ms. Abu-Rish Named FCPS Region 2 Outstanding Elementary Teacher!

Ms. Pflager and Ms. Theberge Also Recognized at FCPS Honors!

By Department of Human Resources
June 11, 2018

a photo of nadya abu-rishCongratulations to Second Grade Teacher Nadya Abu-Rish who was recognized at the annual FCPS Honors event as the 2018 Region 2 Outstanding Elementary Teacher and one of five finalists for this year's Outstanding Elementary Teacher Award!

Not too long ago, Ms. Abu-Rish created a video of her students talking about the importance of other people. The kids were so inspired they decided to make fleece scarves for the needy rather than their usual holiday craft. Thanks to Abu-Rish's initiative and passion for continuous learning, classes have connected with Syrian refugees in Greece, as well as hosted Channel 4 News anchor Erika Gonzalez and other local celebrities to learn about what they do. Colleagues and parents praise her for really getting to know her students and tailoring lessons to them, all while celebrating their culture and differences. “Ms. Abu-Rish does not wait for things to happen,” said a fellow teacher. “She makes them happen."

Congratulations also to these Beech Tree Elementary School staff members recognized at FCPS Honors!

Outstanding Elementary New Teacher School-level Recipient

  • Kathryn Pflager, Fifth Grade Teacher

Outstanding School-based Leader School-level Recipient

  • Kim Theberge, School Counselor

Thank you to Karim Daugherty, Maureen Lopez, and Kim Theberge for all of their hard work with the nomination process by serving as this year's awards liaisons.