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By Students of Beech Tree Guardians of the Earth
For Parents
August 21, 2020

The Beech Tree Guardians of the Earth


The Eco News



Beech Tree Students CAN RECYCLE

by Louisa Allison and Laura Prudius

We are in the TOP 10 schools at recycling for all of Fairfax! If we don’t recycle then our name will go away, so keep an eye on those eco-friendly bright blue baskets! Recycling nowadays can be straight CONFUSING. But don’t worry, all you need to know are some simple facts and you can help the Earth. 

A good tip that you need to remember is, even though some things are plastic does NOT mean that they are recyclable. Only 1 and 2 number bottles are recyclable (the number should be on the bottom). You CAN recycle post-it notes as well as paper, and NO longer glass.

We are also bringing back recycling for stamps. If you look in the hall the poster is back, so make sure to recycle.

Breaking News! People are forgetting to recycle so here are tips:


#1 and 2 plastics




#3-6 plastics


Paper towels

We are in the top 10 schools, but we won’t be if we do not recycle.


EcoClub will Paint Storm Drains

by Daphne Willingham and Maylin Deleon

This spring EcoClub will be decorating the storm drains around Beech Tree. EcoClub will be decorating storm drains so you guys know not to put trash in it. It all goes to the ocean! EcoClub uses teamwork and citizenship to make your lives happier. The winning storm drain creations were made by Vianey in Ms. Peña’s class, Michael C. in Ms. Romeo’s class, and Andrew B. in Ms. Ahmad’s class. Look for awesome storm drains coming this Spring!


Guardians of the Earth are Gardening

by Lucia Egan

If you’ve ever seen the Kindergarten playground, you’ve probably seen the vegetable garden. The garden for native plants, with the butterflies? Now, it’s probably a sad patch of nothingness, but when it blooms it will be a good patch of somethingness. And there aren’t just milkweed and native plants, there are vegetables too! And if we can grow enough there might be some vegetables from our garden in our salad bar. You see the garden so neat and clean because EcoClub sometimes weeds the garden when it’s warm. The milkweed and native plants attract butterflies and bees, and there might be eggs or even cocoons. The garden is really cool and you should check it out!