Meet BTES' front office staff.

By Mike Meyer
September 30, 2021

Welcome to a new school year!  Here to get us started and keep us going to the end at Beech Tree ES is our front office staff.  From getting us what we need to be successful, calling parents, collecting all the forms and registering students, helping our Spanish population and helping us all around be better teachers, these staff members are an integral part of our school.  Most people when asked to think about schools think of teachers but it is truly the background work of these individuals that keep the school functioning.  We are grateful and proud to work with these staff members.

As students make their way through their elementary academic time here at Beech Tree Elementary School, we hope that parents and students will get to know these staff members and also be grateful for all the help they provide for them.

Esther Baca: Office Manager/ Administrative Assistant/ Financial Officer

Susan Do: Registrar

Sheila Hudson: Office Assistant

Maria (Stella) O'Brien: Spanish Liaison

Tamie Thadi: Health Room Aide



Office Staff