Mr. Skrtic named Northern Region Elementary Art Educator of the Year!

By Mike Meyer
November 06, 2023

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Greg Skrtic for the VAEA’s Elementary Art Educator award. I have
known Greg in many capacities over multiple decades. Greg has served as an educator for—are you
ready?—39 years. He started his career teaching art in the Peace Corps in Lithuania, Botswana, and Yemen. In
2003, he continued his journey as an art teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools.

For years at VAEA conferences, I heard people talk about the “Shape Man Guy.” I learned that his session
focusing on the shapes, proportions, and movement of the body has been a popular presentation for years. He
is also widely applauded for his painting workshops for art educators that have had long-term impact on our
teaching practices.

Leigha Pehlivan of Annadale Terrace Elementary School, stated: “I took an after school painting course with
Greg my first year with Fairfax County. I learned so much from him! I still use what he taught me every single

Sean Stuebner of Westlawn Elementary, shared: “At the start of my first year of art teaching Greg Skrtic gave
me so many wonderful painting strategies during our start of the school year in-service. I still use so many of
the paint station and room arrangement strategies that he taught me in that hour.”

Ellen Singletary of Cunningham Park Elementary, talked of an experience as Greg’s colleague: “In 2019, he
shared all of his painting station set ups, provided our paint and materials, and covered many lessons, all of
which I use today in my Art room. He was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and passionate about paint. My
students love his 1st Grade bird lesson especially. He is a true asset to our community and a talented artist as

Greg shares his artistic wisdom widely within the art education community. He is generous not just with his
student artists, teacher mentees, and fellow art educators. Stating that Greg Skrtic is an amazing artist is an
understatement. His intricate paintings have been shown in galleries and museums throughout the United

Jean-Marie Galing, former FCPS Art Resource Teacher, remarked: “Greg has created a welcoming environment
at his school by spending countless hours beautifying the walkways and playground over the summer. He
painted colorful maps, a giant compass, a rainbow number line, four-square and hopscotch courts, a tire-jump
layout, yoga poses, and beanbag toss. His students can now exercise, play, and have fun in a colorful

Whether organizing student patrol, leading his school student government, or presenting at conferences, Mr.
Skrtic is admired for simply being a good person who is always looking for ways to support others.
Anne Hollis of Union Mill Elementary, remembers: “Greg and I worked together a few years ago. We shared a
duplex trailer with a connecting door. There was no water access, but we made it work. One of the best
solutions was a 20-gallon Rubbermaid trash can on wheels to hold water and flexible tubing to get the water
from the faucet into the can. Genius!”

Michelle McKenna from Columbia Elementary, declared: “I worked in the same pyramid with Greg a number of
years ago and he has always been a valuable resource to other teachers and a team player. The paintings he
creates himself and with his students are AMAZING and he is always willing to share his techniques with others
either in one-on-one conversations or by offering painting workshops or PD’s to other art teachers.”

Greg is the kind of educator that is always looking to grow. Years ago, I got to know more about him at a
multi-week cultural proficiency professional development that I co-facilitated. One of the key elements of the
course was listening to and telling personal narratives. Greg shared one of the most touching stories of why
ensuring that children feel welcomed in schools is truly essential.

I sincerely hope that Greg receives the VAEA Elementary Art Educator award. He truly deserves it.


Rooting for us,

Libya S. Doman

Art Resource Teacher

Fairfax County Public Schools


Mr. Skrtic will be awarded the Northern Region Elementary Art Educator of the Year at the annual Virginia Art Educator Association conference on November 16 in Harrisonburg, VA.